VIDEO: Uncle Waffles Shows Proper Way To Dance To Yahyuppiyah

Uncle Waffles has devised a scoring system for the “Yahyuppiyah dance challenge.”

The challenge has been trending on TikTok for a long time, and many people have taken it up.

Among them are South African celebrities such as Connie Ferguson and Cassper Nyovest.

Since then, we’ve seen other variations on the dancing challenge.

Uncle Waffles has now chosen to introduce the ‘Yahyuppiyah dancing challenge’ scoring system to the world.

Sharing on her TikTok, Waffles took time to show the correct moves of the viral challenge.

Previously, she had been doing the ‘Yahyuppiyah challenge’ when performing on stage.

When doing the challenge, Uncle Waffles did it like it was a new dance.

She twisted her waist like many people can’t do; she just showed how good a dancer she is and why people love her.

She also flipped her eyes in a way that made the dance challenge more interesting to watch.

After watching Uncle Waffles’ marking scheme of the ‘Yahyuppiyah dance challenge’, many fans expressed their love for her.

Here are some of the comments from fans:

“uncle waffles obsession is only common sense”

“If you don’t consider yourself as MY WIFE,I’ll do witchcraft on you 😌🖤✨”

“Y’all can leave her alone now I’ve already paid her lobola in full🤭”

“you heard my wife guys, go stream yahyuppiyah”

Watch Uncle Waffles’ Yahyuppiyah challenge


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