Viewers: Musa Mseleku’s Parenting To Blame For Sne’s Pregnancy

After Sne Mseleku dropped the news last week that she is, in fact, pregnant with her third child, everyone was shocked. Most viewers were shocked by what they called Sne’s carelessness and recklessness, but some blamed Sne’s mistakes on the way the Mseleku family works as a whole.

Sne Mseleku denied over and over again that she was pregnant with her third child after a long talk with MaCele. MaCele wouldn’t let things go without a clear answer from Sne, but Sne eventually admitted that she was pregnant with her third child by a different man.

Musa Mseleku was furious when he found out that Sne Mseleku had another child with another man. But since then, viewers have blamed the Mseleku family for some of Sne’s flaws, like the fact that she sometimes gets pregnant.

“Sne got pregnant at a young age and Musa alienated her and her child, Mpumelelo has a whole baby and concessions are gently being made for him and even planning a party for said “out of wedlock baby” One thing about the patriarchy it is gon’ patriarch” wrote Lucia Ralepobe


Mpumelelo, another of Musa Mseleku’s children, is also in a relationship with more than one woman, like his father. Not only does Mpumelelo already have a child, but viewers have also said that his situation was handled more gently than Sne Mseleku’s.

Some viewers disagreed with the comparison because Mpumelelo also has a child, but he is the most responsible and independent of the two. People are sure that Musa Mseleku’s parenting had nothing to do with Sne getting pregnant over and over again.

“You don’t understand culture then if you think it’s patriarchy. Sne is a girl child when she makes babies they are for the fathers family. Mpumelelo is a boy child her children are Mselekus. And it’s unlike they don’t support Sne they even took Thando fully” wrote Ceetro

“Why are you tryna make Mseleku and MaCele bad people when they literally gave her a house to live in?? They’re even taking care of her child” wrote Zanele Mofokeng

Viewers are also celebrating that last night’s episode wasn’t made around the issue of wife number five. However, other burning issues and topics were discussed.

“This was a wholesome episode seeing the children and not mentioning number 5 was very refreshing” wrote Nqobile Cheezie

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