WATCH: A Look Into Nadia Nakai’s Gigantic Shoe Closet

Nadia Nakai recently turned to social media to flaunt her impressive shoe collection.

Nadia’s gigantic shoe closet with shelves upon shelves dedicated to storage was featured in fragments of her Instagram stories by Latest Global Trends. She had all of her shoes out on the floor, as if she was about to repack them. Despite all of the increased space, Nadia maintained that she had too many shoes.

“I got my shelves done… finally. My new storage space but… I still have too many shoes for the shelf space. I need to majorly purge and most of these I haven’t even worn.”

Nadia began picking some pairs up that she had not worn, but said she could not bring herself to let go of them yet.

Nadia has kept her head held high since the murder of her partner, SA musician AKA, in February. She has returned to performing, had a new spiritual awakening, and received tremendous support from those around her, particularly the Forbes family.

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