Young Stunna Explains Why Kabza De Small Is His Father

Stunna explains why he refers to Kabza De Small as his father. The rising star commemorates the music producer’s 30th birthday.

Stunna wrote Kabza a heartfelt birthday note in which he explained why he considers the producer to be his father.

“They always ask me why I say you’re my father. I always tell em’ that’s what you’re to all of us, you take care of us, you always make sure we are always in line and never doing stupid things, you shout at us because you care and you love us, you wanna see everyone you care about to succeed because that’s who you are, a caring & loving person, a lovable person even,” he wrote.

Young Stunna says Kabza De Small is his family to him and just like Reason, he wishes the 27th of November can be declared a public holiday.

“More than a boss, you’re a brother & a father, you’re family. I wish the lord can create more real humans like you, people who always tell it like it is, people who know how to lift others up, people who know how to live with people. I love you so much pa, you saved my life, not only me but my family’s lives. Today should actually be a holiday, it’s King’s day! You’re God sent pa , Happy Birthday Mr Motha. More Life,” Stunna concluded his note.

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