Anele Mdoda Praises Her Father As He Builds A School

Anele Mdoda has demonstrated how amazing her father is by sharing what he has done for society.

The actress took to Twitter to share how her father was giving back to his childhood hometown.

Patillizwe Mdoda was born in the Eastern Cape town of Ncembu kuTsolo.

Like many villages in the Eastern Cape, and possibly the rest of South Africa, little progress has been made in improving infrastructure and education.

He has decided to give back to his community by constructing a primary school.

Anele tweeted: “The school my father is building in our village, Ncembu kuTsolo. My father attended grade 1 in a hut on the very ground he has built this school on. Some brands I work with have come on board like, LEGO bricks will be doing the Early Childhood Development center for us”

See tweet below:

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