Anele Mdoda’s Father Has Been Accused Of Liking Younger Girls

Anele Mdoda and her father are constructing a school in Ncembu KuTsolo, and instead of being praised for their efforts, a young lady on Twitter tweeted that they once finished the old man’s money in Capetown in Cubana.

On Twitter, a girl named Ncebakazi did not mince words in naming and shaming Mdoda’s father for what she claims happened between him and her friends.

Ncebakazi showed no mercy to Mdoda’s father, accusing him of liking and having sexual relations with much younger girls.

Ncebekazi remembers a night when she and her friends were having too much fun with Mdoda’s father and ended up in the bedroom.

“Plus your dad loves young girls we once finished him in cape town Cubana” wrote Ncebakazi

Anele did not let this slide as she took to her Twitter to defend her father.

She went on to offer the mystery lady money for data so she can use goggle and goggle her father’s GPD since the lady made claims that she and her friends finished Mdoda’s father in Cape Town.

“My love I don’t care for what my dad does in his time but as for finishing him…you and the hottest one in your crew would struggle to finish Alakhe’s pocket money let alone my dad’s GDP.Let me know if we should send data so you can Google GDP, the joke may miss you.Good morning”

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