VIDEO: Bujy Bukwa Denies Ever Assaulting Boity Thulo

Bujy Bukwa claims he did not assault Boity Thulo.

The influencer was recently featured on a podcast, and he discussed the incident that landed him in court.

Bukwa attacked the entrepreneur in 2021, and photographs of her injury, which revealed blood on her face and stains on her clothes, went viral on social media.

However, two years later, Bujy denies the incident, saying he’s never hit anyone.

“I’ve NEVER hit anyone with a bottle of champagne. That was NOT blood,” he said in the interview.

Meanwhile, in March, Bujy sought Boity’s forgiveness due to the hideous incident which has now affected his finances.

“Nobody wants to be associated with me anymore.”

“With the restraining order she has against me, I can’t reach out to her. Most people who know the two of us and can play the role of peacemakers, do not want to intervene. They would rather stay away instead of helping me out,” said a disappointed Bujy to ZiMoja.

“The incident has really affected me badly, I am currently on depression treatment, and undergoing counselling,” he said.

“I have suffered tremendously. financially, emotionally, and personally I am drained, “he revealed to the publication.

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