DJ Cleo Has Failed To Pay R1 Million Loan For His Home


DJ Cleo is accused of violating Standard Bank’s R1 million home contract.

The Wena Ng’Hamba Nawe hitmaker received the debt in 2006, but he failed to repay it by 2022.

The DJ almost lost the house, which is supposedly valued R2 million in 2022, but only paid R10,000 in chicken feed.

The bank has taken legal action against Cleo, and court documents have purportedly been leaked, which some social media users have condemned.

Standard Bank, according to City Press, brought DJ Cleo to court. The bank claimed it loaned R1 104 000 to the well-known producer in May 2006, with the understanding that he would pay R9 511.01 in monthly payments for 240 months (20 years).

The bank made every effort to ensure DJ Cleo received money, however he failed.\

“Despite the plaintiff’s attempts, the defendants failed to conclude a payment arrangement with the plaintiff.”


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