Lunga Shabalala’s Response To Thando Thabethe’s Abuse Claims

For almost three years, there have been countless news reports and rumors about Thando Thabethe, a broadcaster and actress, and model and “actor” Lunga Shabalala’s alleged on-again, off-again romance.

However, the most recent episode of Thabethe’s executive producer reality show Unstoppable Thabooty aired, which included a guest appearance by Lunga Shabalala.

It seemed reasonable to believe that the two were still together. However, in light of the episode, it appeared like Thabethe was determined to dispel these myths and demonstrate how difficult it was to get the episode to air.

This comes after Thabethe revealed the details of her alleged harassment and dread following her recent divorce with Shabalala.

In the story broken by the Citizen, and subsequently shared with The South African. Thabethe revealed that she had reached out to the courts to obtain a restraining order against Shabala for what she considered to be harassment and exhibiting “strange behavior.”

This comes as Thabethe established that their most recent and seemingly final breakup was in October 2022. As such, thereafter Shabalala began to exhibit “strange behavior.” Most notably, it was shared that:

“March 3, 2023: Mr. Shabalala could not reach me and therefore tailgated into my complex under the guise of fetching his belongings. Upon realizing I was not home, he called my best friend numerous times and went on to ask her for the location of my work engagement.

“May 5: Mr. Shabalala arrived at my place of work; followed me to my car.

“May 12: Mr Shabalala once again followed me, from work to a nearby restaurant.

“On another occasion, I went to Durban. He got upset, feeling he needed to know who I was traveling with.”

As such, it was confirmed that the protection order was granted by the courts. A fact that saw social media have a field day dragging Lunga for filth and jokes on the timeline as it was suggested that he was unlucky in matters of the heart, both on and off-screen.

In light of the furor over the matter, it seems that Shabalala did not want to give his side of events with an official statement. Instead, he opted to take to his Instagram stories to share a subtle commentary on the matter. This comes as he shared a poster stating:

“Truth never gets old (plus love)”

Lunga Shabalala

It is unclear whether this is a confession of wrongdoing or simply implying that he has his own version of events that he is unwilling to reveal at the moment. However, given the way our South African celebrities flaunt their dirty laundry before returning to their “exes,” who knows whether this is the end for the two personalities?


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