Musa Khawula Coming For The Podcast And Chill Spot

Controversial social media blogger Musa Khawula is rumored to be making a big comeback, and he’s reportedly coming for the Podcast and Chill with MacG spot. On his Instagram story, Khawula hinted that he is in good hands, and that some of his team members are Podcast and Chill with MacG ex-employees.

According to reports, MacG sent Aya packing after he lied about missing work due to personal issues, which he claimed. When MacG checked his WhatsApp stories, he discovered that Aya was having a good time with his friends and streaming his album. For these reasons, MacG was forced to fire Aya.

Shortly after his YouTube channel was almost cancelled and all his videos were deleted, Musa Khawula hints a come back that will have jaws dropped to the floor. Recently, Podcast and Chill with MacG fired Aya, who was working closely with MacG and the Podcast team.

“Not me getting an entire new team that is even better coming from your favourite popular podcast. I hope you are ready for the new episode coming tomorrow. Hi chillers, how you doing” wrote Musa Khawula

Following Aya’s getting fired from the Podcast and Chill with MacG, to Musa Khawula hinting that his new team will also include a member from the Podcast and Chill. it could only make sense that Musa Khawula was referring to Aya and or Mash.

Even the controversial Nota Baloyi has taken to twitter while eluding that MacG’s loss may be Musa Khawula’s gain, following Aya’s exit from the Podcast. Another Podcast and Chill ex-employee Mash is also reported to be already employed after exiting the Podcast.

“It seems MacG’s loss is Musa Khawula’s gain… Mash & Aya are employed again, happy now? Great” wrote Nota Baloyi

Some chillers beg to differ that MacG really lost from letting Aya go. Instead, chillers are sitting comfortably knowing Musa Khawula will never be competition with the Podcast and Chill with MacG.

“Honestly MacG didn’t lose here, it’s good riddens, Podcast and chill is huge, it was becoming too big for them, couldn’t handle the fame that comes with it.” wrote Dzuni Baloyi

“We as Chillers we are behind our Macg Musa Khawula khohlwa sbali. This bigger than us only God knows. And Musa musn’t talk bad about our MacG” wrote Musa

“I think its an aweful move. Musa still has to be taught how put together a run down, presenting skills, hold a conversation. This guy doesn’t seem to have any emotional intelligence. Having experience at Mac G should position them to handle more professional projects.” wrote Andus Ndou

Musa Khawula’s newest episode is set to come out today.

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