VIDEO: Sorisha Naidoo’s “Voetsek” Comment Ignites Mzansi

Many South Africans have reacted to RHOD star Sorisha Naidoo’s retort to fellow housemates, with some remarking that she is in her villain phase, given how she handled Jojo, Nonku, and Ruan.

The ladies gathered for supper at Knysna in the most recent episode of the reality show. Nonku had commented on her “Mabusi vibes,” which sparked an argument with Mbali. The two disagreed about what Nonku meant by the remark, creating a tense situation.

Things quickly heated up, and Nonku stormed from the table with Jojo and Ruan. At that point, Sorisha mouthed the “voetsek” phrase, which immediately captured the attention of spectators and saw her trending on Mzansi social media.

Since the current season began, Sorisha had been pretty spicy with her words, according to fans, so her latest outburst didn’t surprise them. You can check out the clip below.

Sorisha just returned from a trip with her rich husband and their children, seemingly rejuvenated and armed with a new cannon, which she aimed at her housemates.

The Real Housewives of Durban premiered in 2021 and has grown in popularity ever since. Some housemates have been replaced, and new ones have been chosen for the show.

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