Stephanie Sandows-Ndlovu Returns To Work After Child Birth

Stephanie Sandows Ndlovu is embracing motherhood and readjusting to daily life after giving birth to Rhulani Iyana Ndlovu. She and her husband, actor Hungani Ndlovu, welcomed their daughter months after their 2020 wedding.

The actress revealed on Instagram that returning to work after having a child had been difficult, with her main challenge being re-entering the entertainment industry.

“Getting back to work after a baby is a challenge for anyone, but getting back to being in front of the camera has been the greatest battle for me. I still sometimes feel like a stranger in my own body (and mind) but this is a big one for me; not for the obvious reason but because I really didn’t plan to do this audition or any auditions, anytime soon, but I did it anyway because I’m constantly fighting against the desire to give up on myself.”

Since Stephanie is between projects, she told her fans that she almost broke down while waiting for a shoot to start.

This is what she said, “Today was tough, almost had a meltdown at this fitting, what started out as excitement quickly turned into frustration and I almost wanted to give up again. What’s important is that I didn’t. Everyone has a different postpartum journey that lasts for how ever long it lasts, what’s important is that you show up for yourself, because you’re a freaking masterpiece. So, hard as it may be, I will continue to show up because I deserve to.”

Then Stephanie urged new mothers to continue moving and not give up: “To every new, old, single, struggling Mom- “YOU ARE EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN”- Shine

Additionally, Stephanie once shared how she turned down employment offers eight weeks after giving birth:

“I turned down an amazing role at 8 weeks postpartum because I was just not mentally or emotionally ready to work” she said.

Stephanie revealed in her video of encouragement for the new year that she had no resolutions. Stephanie ended the year 2022 by posting a short video of her labor journey with her husband Hungani.

“Cheers to a good chapter! 2022 As we welcome a new season, 2023, we praise our Lord Jesus Christ for all the blessings, the protection, the provision, the good health, the wisdom, the wealth, the joy and peace, the freedom, the abundance of love and the courage and strength to push on forward championing for His cause! Amen.”


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