Unathi Nkayi – “I Lost Everything Due To A One Sided Story”

Sizwe Dhlomo again scandalized Kaya 959 this week. The first time this happened, Unathi Nkayi lost her job as a presenter, and now Kaya 959 station manager Sibongile Mtyala lost hers. Sizwe Dhlomo is at the center.

Sizwe Dhlomo trended after Kaya 959’s station manager was fired. He disagreed with sports presenter Mpho Maboi. Twitter didn’t sympathize with Sizwe’s story. He was cast as the villain.

After Sizwe complained, Unathi Nkayi was fired. Unathi had continuously complained about Sizwe arriving late for his afternoon show and they got into it inside the studio. Sizwe shared receipts on Twitter and people sided with him.

Unathi was still labeled bitter after two statements. Unathi recounted how her therapist prescribed anxiety medication and intense therapy during this drama.

“I have been through the most vigorous and painful year of therapy of my life because I lost EVERYTHING due to a ONE SIDED story that many were to keen to believe,” Unathi shared on her Instagram.

“In May my therapist wanted to put me on meds. Anxiety pills and tranquillisers because I had hit rock bottom. We decided against the meds BUT that meant I had to force myself to get into a routine which included exercise. To show up for myself. My father said ‘Be regular with your therapy and then sit back and watch them turn against each other. They will because there is no integrity amongst the 3 people who conspired against you in this matter.’ My therapy session today was cathartic to say the least, ” she concluded.

In her statements, Unathi explained what the root cause of their problems were. “The only matter I will address because it is very important to me is the theme of GBV that keeps on coming up.”

“This all started when Sizwe made reference to GBV in South Africa in one of his many posts about me, but GBV had nothing to do with the matter. I never alleged at any time that Sizwe committed any act of gender-based violence against me, Sizwe knows this, Kaya knows this,” she said.

“For the record, Sizwe and I both submitted in writing allegations against each other. Some founded and some were found not to be, from both of us. I have handed the matter against Kaya to handle legally.

“In closing, Sizwe and I are not friends, I have decided to distance myself from him the day he decided it was okay to say on air that my marriage failed because of the way I allow my children to prepare umphokoqo wabo.”

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