DJ Bongz Denies Claims That He Is Poor

It’s refreshing to see old-school musicians resurface in the spotlight. DJ Bongz, the Gwara Gwara hitmaker, denies being poor and destitute, claiming that he has multiple streams of income that make him worth millions.

In response to claims that he is struggling, DJ Bongz told Zimoja that he is actually doing well and has multiple sources of income.

“Lies! I hear people saying that I’m down and out. They do not know that I am a businessman who is worth millions of rands. My formidable business is buying and selling cars. My source of income is not only music. I also do events in which make people wonder how I am surviving since there is a lot of competition in this industry,” he told the publication.

DJ Bongz has a new album titled Road Trip which he stuck to his roots of House music. With the world currently being dominated by Amapiano, he is staying true to his own sound and is not shaken.

“Yes, music has evolved as you know, currently there is a huge dominance of Amapiano. People don’t know that I have done a song with Kabza De Small as the versatile DJ that I am. I can work with anyone. I am not in a competition with anyone. I believe I am a big brand and have worked hard to be where I am,” he says. “I have my followers who love my music and whenever I deliver a new project, I make sure that I give my fans god music.”

Bongz spoke to ZAlebs a few years back about how he is in a happy place in his career and the sentiments have not changed, “I own a record label, I’m the founder of Mabala noise, and now I started Gwara Gwara entertainment and I’m releasing an album this year” he explained.

“I’ve won so many awards, I have a house, and cars and now I have a wife, I’m a happy man,” he said. “I did [pay] Lobola two years back, but I decided to do the private wedding because I didn’t want too many people to come to my wedding,” he told the publication.

A celeb who was down and out Zola 7 has since turned his life around. He was recently Praised by tbo touch on his afternoon drive show on Metro FM called The Touchdown. “We serve a God of 2nd, 3rd and 4th chances, we can never reflect on the evolution of urban culture and not mention Zola’s name. Every Friday from 16:00 to 17:00 on The Touchdown Metro FM we do the legends hour,” wrote Tbo Touch.

“This event is a culmination of consistent quality radio driven by life-changing features. Many thought he would never walk, sing and perform ever again but sometimes life has a way of reminding us that God is on the throne!!!”

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