DJ Sbu On Refusing To Shave – ‘It’s A Spiritual Journey I Am On’

A video of media celebrity and entrepreneur DJ Sbu—real name Sbusiso Leope—has been making the rounds on Twitter recently, in which he discusses the various reasons why he has opted to grow out his hair and beard during an interview.

First and foremost, DJ Sbu stated that he is very comfortable with the way he appears, and that he believes he looks “great.”

He also stated that he hugs trees because it helps him feel “connected.”

And don’t be surprised if you see DJ Sbu walking around Mzansi sans shoes on. He wants to be in contact with nature, he says.

Among many reasons given by him, he also shared that he’s on a spiritual journey.

“It’s a spiritual journey and a decision. It’s a decision inspired by the spiritual journey that I have been going through…

“I think I am in my natural habitat when I don’t shave,” the MoFaya boss added.

Not only has he outside appearance changed, but his lifestyle too.

According to TimesLIVE, the former Friends Like These family gameshow presenter shared that he had made many financial mistakes when he was younger, from driving expensive luxury cars to throwing ridiculous parties, and was on his way to launching a second book about his newfound perspective and purpose.

He was quoted as saying,

“I looked richer than I was.”

“We are waiting for his first reggae album,” @Cpt_Yellowboss responded.

“It’s good to know that DJ Sbu’s decision to embrace his natural hair and connect with nature isn’t just because he lost his razor and shoes! 😂 In all seriousness, it takes courage to follow a spiritual journey and make changes that feel authentic to oneself. Kudos to him🙌,” @Contro7ersial wrote.

“Never rule out witchcraft,” @atlasRanger commented.

“Copying JayZ, shave man. Lol woke Sbu,” @iPhumlani said.

“That’s being comfortable with your natural self, and he didn’t have to explain himself. He’s not pleasing anyone but himself,” @RoxRonza shared.

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