PICS: Inside Shauwn Mkhize’s Book Launch, My World, My Rules

My World, My Rules, by Shauwn Mkhize, has finally been released.

The businesswoman entertained family and friends at a black-themed celebration, and she also wrote her name on the books.

Shauwn shared photos from the event on Freedom day and captioned them with, “Being able to enjoy our peace & freedom is what makes us great. I wouldn’t be able to publish a memoir if it wasn’t for those who came before me. In my book, I touch a lot about the roles my parents played, especially my mom in fighting the system that oppressed us. May we always give thanks and remember their courage and sacrifices.”

Speaking about writing of the book, the reality TV star said it wasn’t easy, but it helped her heal.

“The process was never easy because it came to a point where I had to face my fears that I had and deal with them, try to send them to the reader in a way that she understood and will be able to understand and put them as they are supposed to be. You know confronting some of your fears it’s not an easy thing to do,” she said.

See photos below:

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