Mandisa Mkhize Distances Herself From Meyiwa Murder Case

Mandisa Mkhize, the widow of slain Bafana Bafana goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa, is said to be dissatisfied with the ongoing case and the drama surrounding it. She does, however, demand justice for her late husband’s murder.

According to Zimoja, the widow wants justice but is uninterested in the media frenzy surrounding the case or the documentary.

“She has done well by staying away from the whole case. Mandisa never loved attention in the first place,” a close friend of hers said to the publication. “Mandisa is a lady. She has found a home for her kids. They are safe and happy. She’s dating a wealthy man and taking care of her kids. That’s all she cares about. She’s not interested in doing any media interviews. The whole thing was hurtful for her and her kids.”

The source further added that Mandisa is now dating a wealthy man and is prioritizing the health of her children.

“She’s done so well for herself. She’s into business and created her own life away from the drama and away from everything. All she cares about is her mental health and her kids, honestly. She wants no part in the case but justice. She’s not even in touch with some of her old friends who were responsible for instigating in some cases.”

Sunday World previously reported that Mandisa has spent a lot of money completing the house Senzo started building before he died. The house is in Durban and according to Senzo’s brother, Sfiso Meyiwa the building was filthy and people used it however way they wished.

“Senzo cared for his family, especially his kids. His goal was to raise them in a warm and safe environment. Unfortunately, he died before achieving this goal,” Sfiso said to the publication.

“What was more painful was the fact that he left his kids homeless, they did not have a place of their own. So, when he died my father was approached by one of the tycoons who promised to finish the house, but that promise never came through. For the past eight years that house was a hub for vagrants. We used to find all sorts of dirt, we tried to maintain and keep it clean, but it was difficult because of its location. At some point, we were not even sure what to do with it, but selling it was the last thing on our minds, we knew it was Senzo’s pride.

Sfiso added that it was his wife, Mandisa who completed the house.

“Today I am happy to announce that Senzo’s wife Mandisa will be occupying that house. She is the one who bought the material and completed it. I’m not sure how much she spent, but she spent a lot of money.

“My understanding is that she will be living in that house with Senzo’s kids. For safety reasons, I cannot disclose the exact location, all I can say is that we are all excited about this, she fulfilled my brother’s wishes. I hope Senzo is happy and smiling upon her.”

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