Rosa Onious On Jamie Bartlett’s 1 Year Passing: ‘Time Does Not Heal’

On the one-year anniversary of his death, Jamie Bartlett is remembered by his girlfriend, Rosa Onious. Rosa came to Instagram to discuss how she’s dealing with the grief of losing her beloved. She went on to say that time does not heal and that she intends to keep her vow to write a book in his honor.

“Losing you has taught me to be brave, it made me realise the strength I never knew I had nor ever awarded myself. It taught me to love unconditionally, to treasure my loved ones. It taught me to be unconventional, it taught me to live life without anticipation, to broaden love, to work harder, it made me realise how vulnerable I am. It also taught me to keep moving no matter the circumstances. It taught me to live with this pain that resides in my heart immensely and to continue with my entity,” she wrote.

“Time does not heal, it does not, we be out here living our best lives with hearts filled with pain, we be out here smiling with hearts filled with pain, we be out here giving the best life advice with hearts filled with pain, we certainly be out here moving on with hearts filled with pain. We learn to live with pain, pain becomes part of our daily routines. Rosa said she was hoping to one day release a book in his honour, as she had made that promise to him.

You were a compelling force in my life. You would always ask me to take notes about you as a person, particularly during lockdown, you said ‘lover lips’ I hope you are writing all this down because one day I want you to write a book about me. I have not yet found the fortitude in me but soon I will write a book about you as you made me promise. There are just so many pleasing stories to go undisclosed. Jamie was always my biggest cheerleader as much as I was his,” she wrote.


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A post shared by Rosa Onious (@rosa_lixious)

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