Sello Maake KaNcube Responds To Claims That He Has Depreciated

Sello Maake KaNcube, a South African actor, responds to charges that he shows his wife love because he has depreciated. Over the weekend, the actor celebrated his 63rd birthday, posting images on social media and thanking his wife.

A tweep criticized the actor while people flooded the page with birthday wishes. Fans rushed to the actor’s defense in the comments section.

“Funny how this gender [males] starts to appreciate their partners when they have depreciated. All these men love and appreciate you more as they get older. Meeting them younger will give you headaches,” the critic wrote.

Sello frowned at the claim with a statement that reads: “I apologize on behalf of that young man who hurt you, but never make the mistake of mentioning my name and depreciation in the same sentence. Have a peaceful life.”

Social media user Mashela Mamabolo said: “I don’t get how someone else’s happiness irritates people. What could have happened in one’s life for them to be like that?


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