Themba Broly Confirms Second Season Of His Reality Show

Themba Broly finished second in the most recent season of Big Brother Mzansi. When he left the Big Brother mansion, Themba was one of the season’s most popular contestants.

He had fallen in love with the season’s winner, Mpho Wabadimo. This is because it was thought at the time that the two had a fairytale love story, as far as a Big Brother romance could get.

However, it did not take long for the flaws in their marriage to become public. Mpho announced her pregnancy, Themba launched his Mzansi Magic reality show My Inked World, and Mpho was confirmed as a cast member.

But with the show, it was revealed that the allegations of Themba being a deadbeat father to his children seemed to be affirmed with the first season. As such, it comes as a surprise that Themba is preparing to release yet another season of the contentious show.

Themba Broly confirms a second season of the reality show.

Taking to his Instagram recently, Themba Broly shared a behind-the-scenes video of himself on the set of Themba Broly: My Inked World. He then used the caption to confirm that the video in question was a confirmation of shooting the second season of the show.

As such, in the video, he can be heard stating, “I am a good father.” Seemingly sharing the premise of the show.

A follower on Instagram wrote:

Excellent to hear about season 2, Themba. I hope your fabulous artistic talents and fashion and love of family and God are showcased. That’s what we love and appreciate about you… not people publicly having the audacity to degrade you on national TV… It was a disgrace on their behalf. We want love, art, and laughter… not their continual complaining, please. Your Show could be such a success just on your colorful and diverse and unique personality. Always remember you are loved.

It seems that with Themba preparing for a new season, it is set to be pitted against Mpho’s own upcoming reality show. This is as it was recently reported:

Big Brother Mzansi season 3 winner Mpho Wabadimo makes a return to our television screens with a brand new show called Idlozi Livumile.

“I’m back on your screens,” announced Mpho Wabadimo. “A new and exciting show is coming to your screens soon called PRIDE OF AFRICA. I can’t wait for this one you don’t want to miss it! idlozi livumile.”

Apart from what Mpho Wabadimo posted on her timeline, not much is known about the new show.

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